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What is Abuse?

Everyone has arguments, and everyone disagrees with their partners, family members and others close to them from time to time. And we all do things at times that we regret, and which cause unhappiness to those we care about. But if this begins to form a consistent pattern, then it is an indication of domestic violence and abuse.

If you are not sure whether this applies to you, there is a helpful questionnaire to complete on the Women’s Aid website:


Keeping Safe

Recognising that you are being abused is an important step. Where you go from here is up to you. You may feel you need time to think about your situation. Or perhaps you have already made up your mind to leave. Whatever you decide, your safety and that of your children is always the priority.

Keeping safe if you’re still living with the abuser

Keeping safe if you’ve left your partner, but are still in danger

If you are in immediate danger call 999.

Help and support for you and your family

You are not to blame, you are not alone and help is available. If you or your children have been affected by domestic abuse, there are a range of services that can help you and your family.


The Athena service, run by Refuge, provides confidential, non-judgmental support to those living in the London Borough of Lewisham who are experiencing gender-based violence.
They can help you to:

Talk to someone who understands what you are going through
Receive support with contacting the police
Move away from the area
Access a refuge
Stay at home, but want to find out how you can keep safe
Receive support if you are considering going to court
Access legal advice
Manage your financial situation

If you are in Lewisham, call the Athena Service, run by Refuge, on 0800 112 4052 or email lewishamvawg@refuge.org.uk

For further general support and information:


National Domestic Violence Helpline – for *24 hour support or to discuss your options call FREE & in confidence – 0808 2000 247*

Report an incident to the Police on 101.

If you suffered abuse in childhood you might be finding things especially difficult, support is available: 0808 801 0331 / support@napac.org.uk

Services We Offer

We offer 1:1 family support in your home or in the community, we can help you access specific domestic abuse services such as Athena (see below) and a range of group activities within our own Centres.

Our 2 main programmes are:

  • Freedom programme – a group for women who are at risk, have experienced or are experiencing Domestic Abuse.
  • CODA – a therapeutic programme for children of all ages which also supports mothers (this can be delivered through an age-based group in a children’s centre or on a 1:1 basis in school, home or in a children’s centre)

If you would like to access family support, get help with accessing Athena or other domestic abuse services or you would like to attend one of our programmes, please do contact us and self-refer via our confidential email below. To make a referral click below.


Services Offering Support and Help

24-Hour Domestic Violence Helpline 
Contact by phone or online to find support. Calls are free.

Refuge Charity 
Lots of information and advice on domestic violence and abuse.

Women’s Aid
Information and support on domestic abuse. 

Galop — support for LGBT victims
Supporting LGBT+ people who have experienced abuse.

Men’s Advice Line
A free helpline for male victims of domestic abuse.  

Rape Crisis
is the umbrella organisation for a network of independent Rape Crisis Centres.

Iranian & Kurdish women’s Rights organisation
Safeguarding women against “honour” based abuse.

Southall Black Sisters
Highlighting and challenge all forms gender-related violence against women

Karma Nirvana
Honour Based Abuse Helpline, gathering data to inform policies and services, and campaign for change.

African women-led women’s rights organisation working to end violence against women and girls.


Working for good health and wellbeing for Deaf people. Also providing domestic abuse advice.

National organisation working to help keep children safe. Providing advice and support and gathering research. 

A domestic abuse organisation that works with perpetrators and male victims of domestic abuse 

Assisting high risk victims of stalking in England and Wales, keeping victims and children safe.

Surviving Economic Abuse
Support and advice to help people who are experiencing economic abuse. 

Confidential helpline for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence across the UK as well as their friends and family.

National Victim Support
Victim Support is an independent charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents.

Forced Marriage Unit
The Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) is a Development Office (FCDO) and Home Office unit which leads on the government’s forced marriage policy

Hot Peach Pages
Focusing on abuse information and support for every woman and every girl on Earth. Providing information and links to services.

Rights of Women
Providing women with the legal advice and information they need to understand and use the law and their legal rights increasing access to justice.

An umbrella women’s organisation dedicated to addressing violence against black and minoritised women and girls.

A South Asian organisation that works to end violence against women and girls. Also offering secure accomodation.

An organisation working within feminist principles to support women and girls experiencing violence and abuse.

 Supporting migrant women who have experienced gender-based violence and who have no recourse to public funds.

Providing events to make women independent, self-sustaining, and key players in matters that concern them.

Providing advice and support services to Asian women and their children fleeing domestic abuse

Courageous Project
We are a diverse group of organisations who work with young women affected by violence and abuse.

W & G Network
A free service run by women, for women in London who have been affected by all forms of violence and abuse.

Supporting the non-abusing parents and carers of children who have been sexually abused. 

Legal Advice
You can search here for a legal aid solicitor. Search for a legal adviser or family mediator.

Support Through Court
A free service across England and Wales, offering support and guidance before, during, and after court.

Find a domestic abuse accredited Resolution Accredited Specialist solicitor in your local area or by profession. 

Law Advice Line
Family law advice lines, one national and one for women in London. Both lines can advise you on domestic violence and abuse

Quaggy Counselling
Providing low-cost, individual counselling to adults in Greenwich and Lewisham. Fees are means tested, starting at £2 per session.

Bright Sky App
Bright Sky is a safe, easy to use app that provides practical support and information on how to respond to domestic abuse. 

The Outside Project
The Outside Project is a Centre and Domestic Abuse Refuge in response to those within the LGBTIQ+ community who feel endangered.

Hollie Guard App
With a shake or tap notifies your chosen contacts, pinpointing your location and sends audio and video to their phones.

For Babies Sake
A programme of support in response to domestic abuse, trauma and what babies need from conception to age two (1001 days).

Breathing Space
Online tool to support victims of domestic abuse. It is a 24 hour helpline and is run by AVA (Against Violence and Abuse).

One in Four
Supporting childhood and current survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, abuse and trauma and raising awareness. 

NSPCC Childline
NSPCC ChildLine telephone service gives children and young people a voice when no one else may be listening. 

turn2us is a national charity providing practical help to people who are struggling financially. Get support on various topics.

The Havens
Providing specialist centres in London for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. Providing  a 24 hour helpline.

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