• Postnatal support by midwife (including pre-term babies and babies discharged from neo-natal unit)
  • New baby home visit (10-14 days after birth) including ‘Safe Sleeping’ by Health Visitor
  • Sign up to Vit D & Healthy Start schemes
  • Health Visitor 6-8 week home visit
  • Immunisations
  • GP registration and booking 6-8 week appointment

We will encourage you to get to know your baby through skin to skin and regular contact. Understanding the different ways your baby is communicating with you is important, so that you can help them to be happy and healthy.

You can take information about how to register your baby and family with Children and Family Centres, where there is lots of additional advice and support, opportunities to meet other parents and babies, and great courses such as ‘Beautiful Babies, Beautiful Brains’ and Baby Massage.

We will offer you the opportunity to take up important immunisations for your baby. For more information, please use this link: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/vaccinations/  pages/vaccination-schedule-age-checklist.aspx

Your baby will have their first and second dose of immunisations.

Baby Hubs are places for you to meet other parents, get health advice and support, and for your baby to stay, play and be weighed.

You could be entitled to the Healthy Start Scheme and get weekly free vouchers for milk, vitamins, frozen fruit and vegetables. Please ask your Health Visitor how to sign up or do so online https://www.healthystart.nhs.uk/

If your child has additional needs; advice and help is available to ensure you can access the right support. The Lewisham Local Offer explains what you may be eligible for: http://www.lewishamlocaloffer.org.uk/#/ and you can always ask a Lewisham Children & Family Centre practitioner or your Health Visitor for further support and advice.

Full Health Pathway available here