• Booking appointment by 10 weeks
  • Antenatal care by midwife
  • Specialist support for teenage parents and vulnerable women
  • Health Visitor support from 28 weeks if needed
  • Sign up for Maternity Vitamin D scheme
  • Promotion/referral to antenatal courses
  • Flu and Whooping cough vaccinations

Pre-Pregnancy Advice
If you are thinking about becoming a parent, this site has some great advice.

As soon as you know you are pregnant, contact the midwifery hotline on 07787 841 986 to arrange your first appointment. Ideally you will do this by 10 weeks or as early as possible.

The midwife is there to help you and talk to you about your individual health and wellbeing. Please do talk to your midwife about any concerns you have including any of the following:

  • Mental Health
  • Birth choices including options on where to have your baby
  • How to stop smoking — you or your family members
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Weight Management
  • Substance Misuse

The midwife will ensure you are aware of and have the opportunity to access all services you may need for your circumstances including antenatal courses, Children and Family Centres, Vitamin D, and Immunisations for whooping cough and flu.

For more information:

Full Health Pathway available here