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Family Mental Health and Wellbeing

As parents it’s our job to care for all of our child’s needs, both physical, developmental and emotional. But, along with the many rewarding joys of parenting, comes lots of hard work, such as sleepless nights, challenging behaviour and tantrums to name but a few.

Parenting takes energy, patience and resilience and when you are running around after children, it can leave you feeling tired and sometimes stressed.

Here are a few links you might find useful:

  • Find out more in our blog post on why it’s important to look after yourself.
  • Visit the excellent Families Under Pressure Website and watch some short videos about Keeping Positive to Limiting Conflict.
  • Learning to calm our breathe is a skill that can be useful for all of us – this activity to make a ‘Dragons Breathe’ blower activity is fun to make and can help small children focus on their breathing.
  • One of the things we like to do at our Stay & Plays is learn the ‘Kindness Poem’, here are the words so you can learn it at home.
  • Anne rounds up our series of ‘Five to Thrive’ sheets with these activity ideas and you can access all the information on our Activities for Babies page.
  • Find out What does well-being mean for our young children?
  • This very simple but fun activity will encourage and support children to show and manage their own feelings and emotions. Children get frustrated, excited, nervous, sad, jealous, frightened, worried, angry and embarrassed. However, young children don’t usually have the vocabulary to talk about how they are feeling.

  • You can also contact us if there is anything that is troubling you via our online ‘Contact Us’ form.

Breathing Exercises

Silvery Moon Lulliby

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