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OWL Babies

During our OWL Babies courses families learn that outdoor adventures for babies support and enhance their baby’s brain development. They will share with their baby the pleasure, delight and discovery of the great outdoors!

By the end of the course parents and carers will have:

  • Discovered how being outside is an important tool in activating brain development
  • Explored the principles of Five to Thrive and how the things you do every day help your baby’s growing brain
  • Discovered the benefits of engaging with nature and how it supports full sensory development
  • Explored how a baby’s brain grows and makes connections
  • Developed their relationship and strengthened their attachment with their baby
  • Explored how different ways of parenting can affect a baby’s growing brain
  • Understood the links between being outside and Vitamin D

Want to find out more?

  • Download our leaflet and find out about the research, science  and reports that underpin the course



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