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Parents Connect Events

The Early Years Alliance is pleased to announce the next dates for our popular Parent Connect events.
They are an opportunity to connect with other parents and carers, learn about topics relevant to families, and share ideas in how to support each other.

Places are limited. Book now to avoid disappointment!
Please note that by clicking on the interactive links below you will be taken to Zoom.

Process over Product17th February 2021, 2.00-2.45pm
This session explores the importance of how children play and how this is more
important than the end product children create.
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Outdoor Fun24th February 2021, 2.00-2.45 pm
Together we discuss the benefits of play outdoors, what this can look like and the benefits to children’s learning and development through play.
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Toilet Training3rd March 2021, 2.00-2.45pm
This session covers information on toilet training, sharing expectations with some helpful tips and advice for parents when toilet training their child.
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Supporting Children’s Emotional Wellbeing10th March 2021, 2.00-2.45pm
Help your child to recognise their emotions and explore with us ideas for how
you can support children’s positive emotional wellbeing.
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Let’s Talk about Behaviour17th March 2021, 2.00-2.45pm
In this session we try to define behaviour and look to delve into some of the
influences and functions of children’s behaviour. Finally, we round things up
with a discussion around addressing some behaviour concerns.
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Importance of Play24th March 2021, 2.00-2.45pm
Together we consider what play is, explore play-based learning and take a
closer look at how play shaped our own childhoods.
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Buildings Babies Brains31st March 2021, 2.00-2.45pm
Join us as we explore and discuss the building blocks for a ‘healthy brain’.
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