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Are you struggling with debt?

The economic effect of the cost of living crisis has been devastating for family finances, but you’re not alone



It is estimated that since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown:

  • 8 million people have fallen into arrears: most frequently utilities(1.2 million people), council tax (820,000 people) and rent (590,000 people),
  • 8 million people have borrowed to make ends meet, most often using a credit card (1.7 million), an overdraft (1.6 million) or a high cost credit product (980,000).

Other common financial coping strategies include using savings, asking family and friends for help, applying for Universal Credit, and selling possessions.



Thousands of families have struggled to cope with reduced earnings or redundancy over the last year leaving them with debts they are now struggling to manage. If you are worried about debt, it’s really important not to feel embarrassed as there are lots of organisations who can help you move forward.



Step Change have more than 25 years’ experience providing free, expert debt advice. They offer the widest range of practical debt solutions of any provider in the UK.

No matter how large or small your debt problem is, they can help. They’ll look at your financial situation and give you expert debt advice and recommend debt solutions to suit your situation. They can also help you set up and support your chosen solution.

Just 3 steps to getting advice and a debt solution

Whether you get advice online or over the phone, you’ll follow a straightforward advice process giving you a clear picture of how to deal with your debts.

  • Tell them your situation: Provide details about your debts, income and spending and they can help you create a budget
  • Explore your options: You’ll get a personal action plan and recommended debt solutions that suit your situation
  • Choose your debt solution: They’ll help you get set up and give you the support to deal with your debts, no longer how long this takes

Find out how Step Change can help you


There are lots of other organisations that can help you too

  Get help from Citizens Advice         


          Get help from the National Debtline


        Get Help from Pay Plan


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