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Celebrating Breastfeeding

This year’s theme is encouraging the wider family to support with breastfeeding. Everyone plays a unique role in supporting breastfeeding. Why not offer to cook food for the family, or provide childcare for any older children? This helps parents to focus on becoming a family unit!

Every breastfeeding journey is unique, but remember you are not alone. Try to stay connected if you feel you need extra support. If you or your partner is breastfeeding, it’s normal to have questions. Your midwife and health visitor play an important part in supporting breastfeeding; reach out to them if you feel like you need support.

Further information and guidance on breastfeeding can also be found in your baby’s red book.
– Breastfeeding is a journey and professional support is available
– The whole family, including partners, can help to make breastfeeding a positive experience
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Lewisham and Greenwich NHS trust are now running virtual breastfeeding hubs via Zoom, three times a week, in place of the usual face to face breastfeeding hubs.

The virtual hubs are run by Health Visitor Assistant Practitioners and breastfeeding peer supporters. They would love you join, please email: lg.breastfeedingvirtualhubs@nhs.net so they can send you the Zoom log in ID and password.  You will need to download the Zoom app on your smart mobile phone or laptop or tablet which is quick and easy”

The Zoom virtual breastfeeding hubs run:

  • Every Monday 1.30pm – 2.30pm
  • Every Thursday 10am – 11am
  • Every Friday 10am – 11am

Please try to ensure you join the call as near to the start time as possible to ensure they are able to support you within the one hours allotted call time. For support and advice please call their ‘admin hub’ on: 020 3049 1873. Will share any further updates on this page when possible.

More information about breastfeeding in Lewisham & Greenwich can be found here. 

Breastfeeding can take a little time to get right. Here is a great video to show how to get your baby to latch on and Start4Life can help you with any breastfeeding challenges that you may have



If you have any breastfeeding questions, the Breastfeeding Friend chatbot from Start4life, available 24 / 7, has lots of useful information and expert advice to share with you.

All the information provided is NHS-approved and based on questions asked by thousands of new mums. Whether you’re experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, you’ve got sore nipples, or you want to know about vitamins and what you should include in your diet – if it’s a breastfeeding related question, the Breastfeeding Friend is ready to help you.

Available on:


More Breastfeeding Support


NHS Pregnancy and Baby Guide


Call:0300 456 2421 for support in Bengali and Sylheti


Bliss provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK


The Breastfeeding Network provides breastfeeding support and information


La Leche League offers mother-to-mother support with breastfeeding


The Lactation Consultants of Great Britain can help you find a lactation consultant


The Twins Trust has information about feeding twins and triplets


The National Childbirth Trust provides information and support on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, including breastfeeding. National Childbirth Trust (NCT): 0300 330 0700



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