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Child Flu Vaccinations

We are all rightly concerned about COVID-19 but it’s important to remember that, as we make our way through Autumn, it’s also flu season too. Flu is a serious condition and can hit small children very hard. Did you know that all children up until year 7 (and up to 17 if they have a long term health condition) are entitled to a free flu vaccine?

Unlike an adult flu injection, most children receive their flu vaccine via a nasal spray squirted up each nostril so there’s no need to worry if your child struggles with injections.  If your child is under 9 years old, has as long-term health condition and has never had a flu vaccine they’ll be given 2 doses 4 weeks apart. If your child has a long-term health condition or the nasal spray is not suitable for them they may have to have the vaccine injection, your health professional will let you know if this is the case.

It can take up to 2 weeks for the vaccine to be effective but it will make sure that if your child does catch flu their symptoms will be much milder. There are very few side effects and those that do occur are very mild and look very much like a cold.

There is lots of information about getting a flu vaccine for your child on the NHS website

Here is local information for Lewisham Health Visiting Team:


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