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Plastic Not Fantastic!

The lure of toys can be irresistible especially when you or your child may have seen adverts on television or videos of people playing with toys on YouTube. But have you noticed how often when a young child opens a present they end up playing with the wrapping paper or the cardboard box it came in, instead of the actual toy? That’s because natural materials such as paper and cardboard offer children myriad play opportunities and can be real treasures when it comes to exploring.

Find out more about natural play ideas.

Naturally gifted: Ideas for plastic-free presents and play this Christmas

Protecting the Plant through Play!

Children learn through play so how as parents/carers can we provide opportunities for our children’s play to help them understand the importance of nurturing our planet and all its inhabitants?

Protecting the planet through play



Join Laura to sing some songs about the Ocean and Rainbows

Lets make every day a Clean Air Day!

Clean Air Day brings together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector to:

  • Improve public understanding of air pollution
  • Build awareness of how air pollution affects our health.
  • Explain the easy actions we can all do to tackle air pollution, helping to protect the environment and our health.

It can be difficult to know what we can do to help air quality but here are a few tips;

It’s Clean Air Day


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