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Protecting the planet through play

Children learn through play so how as parents/carers can we provide opportunities for our children’s play to help them understand the importance of nurturing our planet and all its inhabitants?

How can we help them to appreciate resources are precious and are needed not just today but for generations to come?

This year’s National Week of Play focused on eco-sustainability and our early years educators have shared with you ideas and experiences on how we can involve children in playing to protect our planet.

Browse these articles below and get inspired!


You can also come along to our FREE playful interactive escape room style family adventure to save the last plant on Earth for families with children under 8.

Imagine a world 300 years in the future with no trees!

With trees gone and the environment damaged, water levels have risen and everyone is now living on boats and YOU ARE EARTH PROTECTORS!

Take part in number puzzles, code breaking and physical challenges to find the last plant on Earth and save it.

Open up your child’s awareness of climate change with this interactive escape-room style adventure set in the future.


Evelyn Children and Family Centre

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Every Friday

1 hour slots for maximum group of six children

(at least one adult must be present)


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