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Family Corner: helping families develop positive home learning environments April – June 2024

Are you curious about how your child learns and develops? Family learning sessions can help you support your child as they learn and grow. Visit Family Corner today and book your FREE learning session!


Songs, stories and rhymes – supporting early communication

Wednesday 24 April 1pm – 2pm

In this session we explore the importance of speech and language development and how you can support your children’s early communication. Join us to explore why communication and language development is so important in the early years, and how you can encourage this at home with songs, stories and rhymes packed with lots of information, ideas, and tips!


Moving on up to school

Tuesday 7 May 6.30pm – 7.30pm

This session will share tips and ideas that will support you and your child in preparing for school. We will discuss some fun learning activities that can be easily replicated at home to support your child’s learning and development, as well as discuss some top tips in helping your child’s transition to school to run smoothly.


Supporting children’s emotional wellbeing

Monday 3 June 1pm – 2pm

Parents provide the main support to children’s emotional development. We will discover how you can help your children as they become people in their own right; learning to walk, talk and master other routines of daily life and how to help you manage children’s moods. Join us to understand what children need emotionally, and how best to encourage healthy emotional development.


And if none of these are for you or your families, take a look at some of our regular offerings:


You can find the family learning sessions here.

Visit the Family Corner website for blogs on learning and development, events, play ideas and much more.


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