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Financial help if you have children

As the  cost of living crisis begins to effect us all it’s always worth checking if we are receiving all we are entitled to, especially if we have changed our hours at work or have recently become pregnant or a parent. There’s a huge amount of information on the UK Govermnent website to help. You are still entitled to many of these benefits if you are in work. Even if things haven’t changed it can be useful to check if there’s anything else available.


Financial help when having a baby



Child Benefit

White family, smiling casually dressed sitting on a sofa. Mum, Dad, son and daughter



Tax credits if you have children

Picture of a gay male couple one father black , the other father white, smiling and reading a book with their daughter



Financial help if you have a disabled child


Financial help if you’re a student with children

close up of Asian mother bending down to Asian daughter and sitting playing toys with her baby



Financial support when your child is at school

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Other support

We now have a ‘Cost of Living’ page on this website, with information on benefits, support organisations, tips and blog posts.



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