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First Words Together

Words for Life – How to encourage your baby to talk from Words for Life.  

How can I encourage my baby or toddler to start talking?

A lot of activities that will help your children learn to talk might be things you do already at home!

We’ve worked with an expert speech and language therapist to create five simple steps to help you practice these activities at home more regularly, to encourage your toddler to talk. Each tip should easily fit into your day-to-day life and support your child’s speech, language and communication development.

In five simple steps, you will encourage your toddler to start talking. Each tip will show how you can use everyday interactions as well as play, songs and stories, to build confidence and encourage communication and first words.

Let’s get started! Read on for our five talking tips to encourage your toddler to talk…







How can I help my child to speak if we speak a different language from English at home?

The best way to help your child learn to speak is to talk to them as much as possible in your own language. Below you can find each of our tips to encourage your child’s speech development, translated into the language you are most comfortable speaking in. Find your first language at the bottom of this page and press play to listen.

You can also read advice and guidance about speaking to your child in your own language.

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