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FUTURE DADS New and expectant Fathers courses

Research shows that when fathers are involved with their children from the beginning their children do better socially and academically. A fathers early engagement is linked to, fewer behavioural problems and increased language development.


Future Dads courses aim to help you:

• Enhance your competence & confidence in your new role as a father
• Prepare you to engage more actively in the pregnancy
• Introduce practical skills you will need with your baby
• Highlight your importance & help you discover the kind of father you want to be.


What FUTURE DADS participants say:

“Every dad wants the best start in life for their kids and the EFP equipped me with the information I needed to feel confident I could do that for my little boy.”
– BM, Kings College Hospital 2009


“Ability to ask what you want and gain practical experience is great”
– JM, Barkantine Practice, 2011


“If you’re an expectant father you should (must) do it”
– SE Willow Children’s Centre (Islington), 2012


“Book early – excellent classes but very busy”
– SM University College Hospital, 2012


“Ability to speak freely in a non judgemental environment”
– AS, Whittington Hospital, 2013


Future Men offer one-day Fathers courses at:

Your local hospital and children centres
Saturdays: 10am-4pm


For more information on venues and how to book go to the Future Men website:
Call on: 0207 237 5353
email: efp@futuremen.org

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