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Healthier Lunchboxes for your family

It can be difficult to tmake your child’s lunchbox healthy and varied. It’s really easy to keep putting the same things in, especially if they are a fussy eater. Better Health say:

“Whether squeezing it in before the school run in the morning or before bed on busy midweek evenings, preparing your child’s lunchbox can seem like just another thing on the list.”


Better Health has some great ideas for lunchbox swaps to make your child’s lunch healthy and filling. Swapping a sandwich for pittas or wraps, crisps for homemade popcorn or fruit can make an interesting and colourful lunch that they’re more likely to eat.

Take a look at these healthy, colourful swaps, many of which use up leftover meats or fish or salad so are a great way to reduce food waste too.


Photo of a lunch box containing a Spicy Chicken and salad wrap, a blue cup filled with popcorn and a small drink bottle filled with squash     Spicy Chicken and salad wrap  

Photo of a lunch box containing a cheese and coleslaw pitta, a tub containing cherry tomatoes, a tub containing raisins and a small drink bottle filled with milk Cheesy Coleslaw with wholemeal pitta

A lunchbox containing a Hummus and salad wrap cheery tomatoes and yoghurt, a tub containing frozen summer fruits, a blue plastic spoon and a small drinks bottle containing water     Hummus and salad wrap

     Tuna & Bean salad

Visit Better Health Lunchbox recipes to find out more tips for a healthier lunchbox

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