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Healthy homemade lollies and ice creams

You can’t beat a lolly or ice cream in the heat but store bought versions can be very high in sugar and fat. Lolly moulds can often be found in local pound shops or supermarkets and it’s a great way for your children to get involved in learning about healthy eating, and you can make everyone’s favourite flavour combinations.

Here are a few healthy options to try out from BBC Good Food.


Vegan Orange Lollies

Orange lollipops

Using health carrots, oranges and satsumas these lollies are a burst of healthy sunshine.


Frozen Banana Lollipops

Banana lollipops with chocolate and sprinkles

Older children will love making these banana pops and adding their own sprinkles or nuts


Milkshake ice pops

These 4 ingredient pops can be made using paper or plastic cups.


Quick banana ice cream

Ice cream with toppings in white bowls on blue and white napkins

This super healthy ice cream uses just frozen bananas! Then top with your favourite toppings


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