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Help save the bees with ‘No Mow May’

Here at Lewisham Children & Family Centres we love our bees! A great way to encourage bees into your garden is to get involved with this years “No mow May”. It’s also a great way to get away without mowing your lawn for a month!

Just letting your lawn grow for a month creates a great habitat for bees and pollinators allowing new and plant and  herb varieties to thrive in your garden. Did you know we have over 270 types of bees in the UK and 24 types of bumble bee alone!


As the National Trust says:

“You might be surprised at how many flowers you can spot if you the let the grass grow. Daisies, dandelions, creeping buttercups, common mouse-ear, cuckooflowers and white clover are to name just a few. There are also lots of plants you can grow in your garden, window box and vegetable patch that will attract pollinators. These include rosemary, lavender, apple blossom, strawberries and tomatoes.”


Why not plant some bee friendly plants in your garden or on your balcony?

Growing bee friendly herbs such as marjoram, mint, fennel, chives, rosemary sage and thyme are often quick growing  and are great to add flavour to all your meals. You can plant them as seeds or pick up a potted herb plant from your local supermarket and keep it outside. Other bee friendly plants such as lavender, honeysuckle will make great nectar sources and make your garden, patio or balcony look and smell beautiful all summer long. London Beekeeepers Association has some great advice for which plants to plant on balconies. Bees prefer flowers with open petals so they can get in easily. If you have a little more space shrubs such as rhododendrons and hydrangeas will have your garden buzzing this Summer.

When looking for plants or seeds look for this logo so you know you’re buying plants that the bees will love.



Make a bee bath

Bees also need water to keep them hydrated. It’s really easy to make a bee bath and drinking area with a saucer and a few stones


Make a small bee hotel from recycled materials

Making somewhere for bees to live will make sure you have plenty of pollinators this Summer


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