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It’s Walk to School Week!

We all know the benefits of walking for our physical and psychological health. Walk to School week is a great way to get your little ones involved with walking for fun and exercise. Last year, almost 200,000 children across the country took part in Walk to School Week with this year looking to be bigger than ever. There are lots of ways to make walking more fun for children; counting the red cars, listening for birds, looking at the trees, learning about the weather or meeting up and walking socially distanced with their friends can all make the journey to school fun. If you need to drive to school try parking a little bit further away and if you get the bus, getting off a stop or two earlier can be a great way to get involved.

Ask your child’s school if they’re doing Walk to School Week this year.

This years Walk to School Week focuses on 5 walking Super powers 




Mary Creagh, Chief Executive, Living Streets said:  

“Walk to School Week is a fun, inclusive, free and simple activity, which improves the physical and mental wellbeing of children and celebrates walking for all.

“Pupils enjoy the health and happiness that comes from walking, while schools and local communities enjoy reduced congestion and pollution.

“We’re thrilled that families nationwide are joining us this week and enjoying the fresh air, fun, freedom, and friendship that walking to school brings.”

More information on Walk to School Week

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