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HALF TERM VACCINATION DRIVE LAUNCHED IN LEWISHAM TO KEEP YOUNG PEOPLE IN SCHOOL AND COLLEGE AND PROTECT EDUCATION  The Department for Education and the NHS is urging 12-17 year olds in Lewisham to get fully vaccinated this half term to protect them from COVID-19 and help keep their education on track. Just 35.6% of 12-15…

Flu Vaccine & Covid 19 Booster Info

This autumn/winter it’s essential you protect yourself and others against flu. Many adults, most children and all pregnant women are eligible for a free flu vaccine. Book your appointment now. www.nhs.uk/wintervaccinations

Find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine

As we move towards the colder Winter months it’s even more important for everyone who is able to have their COVID-19 vaccine. We know that many people have concerns but there is lots of information from professionals that can answer your questions. If you decide to take up your vaccine, you don’t have to wait…

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