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New Start for Life Weaning Hub

Are you confused about how and when to move your baby onto their first foods – you’re not alone? Research from Office for Health Improvement and Disparities found that three in five parents (59%) said that they had found the decision on when to start weaning “confusing”. Two thirds (64%) said they had received conflicting…

Weaning and introducing your baby to solid foods

Hello to all our families and carers.  My name is Donna I’m an Early Years Practitioner at Lewisham Children and Family Centres and one of the sessions we run is Starting Solids. We have new sessions starting soon in our centres and online (see poster below), but if you can’t get to a session we…

Oral Health & Weaning

We have two online sessions coming up on Oral Health and Introducing Solid foods to your baby. During these sessions we will be sharing with you tips and information about caring for babies teeth, and introducing solid foods.  A babies first teeth may be small and temporary, but they’re important, as they act as placeholders for their adult teeth. Without a healthy set of baby…

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