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Colours Week

I’m Donna an Early Years Practitioner, I hope you are all keeping safe, well and looking after yourselves and each other.

Each week we have been thinking of new ways of staying connected and bringing activities and topics to you via our social media pages and this website. We hope you have found them useful and interesting, and you and your children are having fun making the activities and joining in with Laura’s “Sing it move it” and “Bouncy Beats” videos which you can find more of here:

As we are entering spring and the lock down rules are easing a little we are able to spend more time outdoors, so I thought it would be nice to look at some fun   activities you can do as a family outdoors and why colours are important to our world and mood.

Along with longer warmer days, spring also brings us a rainbow of beautiful colours. From blooming flowers, trees growing colourful leaves and beautiful blue skies. Mother Nature helps to lift our mood and make us want to spend more time amongst the glorious colours and smells she has to offer.  You’ve probably felt the effect of bright colours on your mood. You may feel happier and generally more positive. But did you know that different colours can affect children’s moods too? Studies have shown that colours can stimulate different parts of the brain and have an effect on mood.

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