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April is Stress Awareness Month

If you have found our stress levels rising over the last few years, you’re not alone.


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Stress can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, especially if it goes on for many months or years. Worrying  about our health, work and finances can leave us not knowing where to start to tackle everything. The Stress Management Society have some easy, and useful tips to help us identify stress, understand stress and learn how stress affects us our stress such as:

Reduce your stress in 7 days programme

Are you stressed and under pressure? Are you struggling to cope with the daily demands of your life?

Are you ready to take the first step to increasing your resilience? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions The Stress Management Society have the perfect solution for you to be proactive in recognising and tackling your stress and increasing your ability to cope with the ever increasing demands of modern life.

For 7 days you will receive expert guidance and stress management and wellbeing tips straight into your inbox to guide you on your journey from distress to de-stress.

The programme will help you to

  • Understand And Recognise Stress
  • Breathe Your Way To Calm
  • Get A Better Night’s Sleep
  • Learn To Worry Less
  • Eat For Wellbeing
  • Be The Master Of Your Technology
  • Manage Stress At Work

Download the 30 Day Challenge

There are lots of great resources to help you deal with stress at the Stress Management Society here

Take the Stress Test

Download your free guide to dealing with stress

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