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Budget friendly recipes

With the cost of living affecting food prices food is getting more and more expensive so here’s a few recipes that will be kind to your pocket and your tummy!


BBC Good Food – Unbelievably Easy Mince Pies

Home made mince pies on a white plate

With just 5 store cupboard ingredients and a jar of pre-bought mincemeat, these easy Mince Pies from BBC Good food don’t even need to be rolled out! They’ll also make great gifts for friends and family and little ones will love eating, making and giving these.


Mini Muffin Pizzas

This easy recipe means you can dish up tasty mini pizzas for children of all ages in next to no time. It’s also a great way to get little ones of all ages involved in their own pizza and the perfect way to minimise food waste by using up odd bits or cheese, vegetables or ham hiding in the fridge. A great lunch or snack or add some salad for an extra veg boost!


BBC Good Food Spiced carrot and lentil soup

This delicious warming soup is made from a bag of carrots some red lentils and a few bits from the cupboard. It makes a great lunch or dinner and would be great to take in for work lunches.



ALDI Saucy sausage, sweet potato and bean traybake. 

picture of a sausage and sweet potato traybake

An easy crowd-pleaser, this one tray meal will fill up hungry tummies and can easily be doubled up for a crowd.


ALDI Slow cooker vegan been chilli

picture of a bean chilli

With healthy beans,vegetables and store cupboard essentials this delicious chilli will be a winner with plant-based and meat eaters alike! Great for cold Winter evenings!


ALDI Fish finger katsu sandwich

Who doesn’t love a fish finger? This recipe takes them to the next level and would make a great dinner with a nice salad.


ALDI Soy butter aubergine noodles

Use some dried noodles, store cupboard ingredients and aubergines to make a tasty meal that everyone will enjoy.


Check out the BBC Good Food Budget meal plan here for a week of great meals. 

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