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Budgeting for rent over Christmas from Lewisham Homes


Lewisham Homes are aware Christmas can be a difficult time for some residents and understand the additional pressure the season can put on your finances. However it is important to pay your rent and any additional amount you have agreed on time. Here are some things which could help you ensure you keep up with payments:

  • Talk to us: Lewisham Homes can give you advice or signpost you to organisations who can help you
  • Work out a plan: looking at what money is coming in and out between now and January can help you set a realistic budget for your Christmas spending. Our Money Mentors can help you plan your payments and ensure you don’t miss anything off the list
  • Ensure you don’t miss payment due dates due to the bank holidays: if you usually pay your rent at the Post Office or Pay Point outlet, remember they may not be open on the days you usually pay your rent
  • Boosting your income: if your circumstances have changed and your income has fallen as a result, you might be able to claim benefits. You can speak to our Welfare Benefits Team who may be able to help you

If you think you will struggle to pay your rent during the Christmas period, please speak to Lewisham Homes urgently.

The Income Team can be contacted at rent@lewishamhomes.org.uk and the Welfare Benefits Team and Money Mentors can be contacted at welfarebenefits@lewishamhomes,org.uk.

You can also contact the teams by phone on 0800 028 2028, or by text on 07535 412 412.

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