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Christmas visual timetables to print and use

Keeping everyone on track at Christmas can be tricky, but when your child has Special Educations Needs or Disabilities (SEND) all the Christmas excitement can feel a bit overwhelming. Anxiety levels can be high as children are out of routine, there’s lots of unusual things to be done and lots of new sights and smells.

Visual timetables are a great way to help your child know what is happening during each day. This can avoid meltdowns and repetitive questions when your child feels dysregulated or confused about why things are happening.

These downloadable and printable visual timetables from Coventry & Warkshire Partnership NHS trust can help keep everyone on track even if your child doesn’t have SEND. The one for adults is great fun! Laminate them if you can and stick them somewhere your child can see them and you can help them by going through the day when they get anxious about what’s happening next.

Now & Next Christmas visual timetable

Christmas Day & Eve visual timetable


Whatever you and your family choose to do this year, we hope you have a wonderful time.


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