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Lewisham Warm Welcomes – 1st December 2023 – 31st March 2024

To support individuals affected by increased living costs in Winter, Lewisham Local are coordinating a network of local establishments to set up as Warm Welcomes. The Warm Welcomes was first piloted in Winter 2022/23 and will run again from 1st December 2023 until 31st March 2024.



Community centres, libraries, faith groups and more offer drop-in spaces free of charge where they provide hot drinks, some hot food, social activities and additional support.

Check the Warm Welcomes list below to find your nearest space and get more information. Please check each listing for an overview of opening times and services provided. Other terms also being used include: Winter Welcomes, Warm Spaces.

Lewisham Council’s libraries are also open as Warm Welcomes. These are included on the Warm Welcomes map below and on the Council’s website to find your nearest library and see their opening times.



Many local community groups have independently set up their own Warm Welcomes and some are working in partnership around local areas.

Lewisham Local maps and promotes the Warm Welcomes, provides grant funding and additional wrap-around support for the network. The 2023/24 Warm Welcomes is kindly funded by Lewisham Council. South East London Integrated Care Board and South London & Maudsley NHS Trust.




For further information, questions or concerns, please contact: warmwelcomes@lewishamlocal.com

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