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Could you save money on your NHS prescriptions?

Check what help you could get to pay for NHS costs

Although most NHS treatment is free, there is usually a charge for:

  • NHS prescriptions
  • NHS dental check-ups and treatment
  • sight tests
  • new glasses or contact lenses
  • repairing or replacing glasses or contact lenses
  • NHS wigs
  • NHS fabric supports – things like surgical bras, support tights and spinal supports
  • travel for NHS treatment

You could be entitled to help with these costs depending on your circumstances.

Save money with an NHS Prepayment Certificate

A Prepayment Certificate could save you money if you pay for your NHS prescriptions.

The certificate covers all your NHS prescriptions for a set price. You will save money if you need more than 3 items in 3 months, or 11 items in 12 months.

The prescription charge in England is £9.35 per item. A PPC costs:

  • £30.25 for 3 months
  • £108.10 for 12 months

How much could you save?         

  • If you get 2 prescriptions per month you could save more than £25 with a 3 month PPC or £116 with a 12 month PPC
  • If you get 3 prescriptions per month you could save more than £53 with a 3 month PPC or £228 with a 12 month PPC
  • If you get 4 prescriptions per month you could save more than £81 with a 3 month PPC or £340 with a 12 month PPC

Get a digital PPC

You can receive your PPC instantly by email. Contact the NHS to switch to a digital PPC.


How you can buy

You can buy a PPC:

If you need extra help call 0300 330 1341

Maternity exemption certificates

A maternity exemption certificate entitles you to free NHS prescriptions.

You can also use the certificate as proof that you are entitled to free NHS dental treatment while you are pregnant.

Find out if you’re entitled to help with other health costs using the NHS eligibility checker.


Who is entitled

You’re entitled to a maternity exemption certificate if, at the time of your application, you are pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months.


How you can apply

Speak to your midwife, doctor or health visitor. They’ll complete the application for you. They can do this as soon as they confirm that you’re pregnant.

If they use the digital maternity exemption service you can get your certificate by email as soon as they have completed the application.

Otherwise, you’ll get a paper certificate in the post within 10 working days of us receiving your application

Read more about maternity exemption certificates here.




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