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Developing Good Bedtime Routines Discussion Group

While it is rewarding being a parent it isn’t always easy. It can also be   demanding, frustrating and exhausting. The last thing that any parent needs after a long and tiring day is a difficult bedtime and a child that won’t or can’t stay in bed. Children that aren’t sleeping well can have a huge impact, leaving the whole family tired and frustrated.

Does your child?

  • Dawdle or keep finding reasons to avoid going to sleep?
  • Delay bedtime by saying they’re not tired, ask for yet another story or drink, or become frustrated or upset?
  • Ignore instructions, complain or refuse to get into their bed, or
  • Keep calling out once they’re in bed?
  • Only sleep if not in their own bed or gets up during the night and crawls into someone else’s bed?

If so, the Triple P Bedtime Routines Discussion Group can help support you, alongside other parents, to learn some steps to help your child get   into a good bedtime routine, go to bed and stay there.


  • Why do bedtime problems happen?
  • How to prevent problems at bedtime
  • How to teach your child to stay quietly in bed
  • How to manage problems during the night

Check out our timetable for dates of our next Triple P Discussion Groups

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