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Managing Fighting & Aggression Discussion Group

While it is rewarding being a parent it isn’t always easy. It can also be demanding, frustrating and exhausting. We all want our children to be happy and well-adjusted but sometimes children argue, fight, or become aggressive. This can be really difficult to deal with and embarrassing, especially if it is aimed at other people’s children or at school or nursery. Fighting and aggression at home can make you feel stressed, upset, and worried for your child’s next steps into school or nursery. But things can change.

Does your child?

  • Struggle to play with other children?
  • Not play well with their brothers or sisters?
  • Have a temper and not understand safe boundaries?
  • Become aggressive when things don’t go their way?

If so, the Triple P Managing Fighting and Aggression Discussion Group can help support you, alongside other parents, to learn some steps to to help your child get along with others, and deal with disagreements and frustrations.


  • Why children fight
  • Teaching your child to play with others
  • How to manage sibling (brothers and sisters) conflict
  • Managing aggression

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