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Helping your child follow instructions

We all know what it’s like when our children just don’t do what they are told. It can be really tricky to reason with a child, especially if you are out and about or at friends and other family’s homes. It’s easy to feel that your child is being unreasonable and it can often cause a standoff. The fact that your child’s difficult behaviour seems to be revolve around things such as putting their shoes on or putting their toys away can be really frustrating, especially when all the techniques you have been told about just aren’t working.

This discussion group will give you positive parenting strategies to help you to teach your child to accept limits, do as they are told and understand the word NO. You will meet other parents and share some of your experiences and ideas about being a parent and managing difficult behaviour like disobedience and defiance. We will spend time discussing some of the reasons children don’t do as they’re told, how we can set limits and teach children to do the right thing. You will think about goals for you change for your child and yourself and discuss ways of keeping track of your child’s behaviour.

You will be introduced to some positive step by step parenting strategies to help you prevent problems and to handle disobedience if it happens. We’ll work through the strategies you would be most comfortable using with your child. By the end of the session you will have developed a personal plan for dealing with disobedience in your family.


Come and join us for our next session by:

Texting or leaving a message on 07377 724243 or

emailing: ladywell.cc@lewishamcfc.org.uk

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