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It’s National Children’s Gardening Week


Children love growing plants and love being in the outdoors but they’re often impatient, wanitng to see instant results so all the activities can be done in an afternoon. Getting out in the fresh air is a brilliant for your child’s physical and brain development but you don’t need a garden to get involved. A windowsill, hanging basket or a balcony are just as good. 



Growing salads such as lettuces, tomatoes or herbs are great way to inspire your children and teach them about the food they eat. There are lots of flowers that can be grown in simple pots and make great gifts for family and friends. You don’t need access to a garden centre either, many supermarkets and pound stores have a great selection of seeds, pots and tools to get you started. Reusing old yoghurt pots or tins are also a great eco friendly way of potting up your plants.  



Learning about plants also helps our children learn more about the beneficial insects that help plants to grow. Children are often fascinated by snails, ladybirds, bees and worms and there are lots of mini beasts activities available online.


Making cress heads is a fun  activity and a great way to reuse old egg shells and boxes. The cress grows really quickly and are a healthy addition to sandwiches and salads. You can draw funny faces with felt tips. Why not make an egg friends family?



Painting rocks is a fun rainy day activity using any paints you already have. They look great in pots and throughout your outdoor space.




A bug hotel is a great way to encourage pollinators and beneficial insects using recycled materials such as rocks, newspaper, pieces of old pipe and sticks, You can make them any size and even a small bug hotel will be a great addition to your space.






There are so many ideas for fun activities on the National Children’s Gardening Week Website.

Download free printable worksheets for lots of fun activities to keep the kids busy!

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