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How can peekaboo help babies to learn? – with Tiny Happy People

It’s no secret that peekaboo is a hit with babies around the world and a great way of entertaining them even at a very young age.

But did you know that this simple game can play a really important part in their early language learning as they wait their turn to react?

When can babies play Peek-a-boo?

Peekaboo is a game that you can play pretty much from birth with babies, but how they play might develop over time. Up to 3 months, babies can’t see very far in front of them, so you’ll need to get up close. They may coo in response to the game

A diagram showing the inside of a child's brain, highlighting the hypothalamus, where dopamine is produced. It says "Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that send messages across nerve cells" and a "feel-good hormone".

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