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Single Parents Day 2023

March 21st marked Single Parents Day 2023. Gingerbread, the UK Single Parent’s Charity have carried out research to produce an up-to-date picture of what it means to be a single parent in the UK in 2023. The findings are stark – the cost-of-living crisis has disproportionately impacted single parents, who are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet with many falling into debt. The government urgently needs to take action to support those single parents who are struggling to cope.


Sharon from North London kindly shared her story with Gingerbread during their Christmas Appeal. They caught up with her again this week to find out how she’s been getting on over winter.

“There are people worse off – but that doesn’t mean we’re not struggling” – Sharon’s story

It’s been a challenge how much the energy prices have gone up. I’m careful with the heating, and the boys have got into a good routine of switching off lights, and turning things off at the plug. We have the heating on for an hour in the morning, and in the evening for about two hours. On the days when I’m working from home, I try not to put the heating on at all. In the afternoon, the sun comes right into the living room, and that provides a bit of heat. And I’ve started going for a walk to warm up, and when you come back home the place feels a bit warmer.

I’ve managed to save £40 off my last bill, by keeping an eye on the little things. But what a relief that the Government have announced in the Budget that the Energy Cap is going to stay. I was worried about that – thinking ‘if the price goes up, I’m really going to be in trouble!’ read  more of Sharon’s story here




Gingerbread has lots of advice and support


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