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It’s Black Maternal Health Week

Black Maternal Mental Health Week UK  is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health challenges faced by Black mothers. Recognised nationally, this initiative aims to promote education, advocacy, and support for Black women during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. By shedding light on the unique mental health disparities experienced by this community, the week-long campaign strives to foster understanding and drive positive change in maternal healthcare practices.


“Every mother, including Black Mums deserve the right to have access to adequate support, care, safe spaces and for their voice to be heard” – The Motherhood Group


Having a baby is rarely without its challenges, but having a baby when you’re from a Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority background can make life as a new mum even more difficult to navigate.

Mindful Mums Diversity Matters group provides a safe space for mothers of babies 0-12 months to talk about the complexities and issues related to their culture, upbringing and heritage with balancing the challenges of early motherhood.


Diversity Matters is a Mindful Mums wellbeing group for women of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

The group offers a non-judgmental space for women from diverse communities to talk freely about their experiences as new mums.

Diversity Matters is led by trained volunteers with their own personal experiences of managing the challenges of early motherhood from a Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority perspective. As well as being a place to share similarities and celebrate differences, the five-week courses offer an opportunity to connect with other pregnant women and new mums and learn tips and techniques for looking after your wellbeing.

Mindful Mums five-week courses for new parents aim to build resilience and coping in the perinatal period, and give parents an opportunity to connect with peer support that can help to normalise and destigmatise parental anxiety or mental health challenges.


A message from Chantelle Adonai-Lane, Mindful Mums Culturally Diverse Group Coordinator:

“Pregnancy and post-partum are usually difficult periods of adjustment for all mums, but Black mothers face unique challenges during this time. Research has shown that Black mothers are often disproportionately affected by mental health issues during pregnancy and post-partum, and yet are less likely to receive help and support for these struggles. That’s why we are very proud to be supporting BMMHW 2023, to raise awareness of these disparities and improve outcomes for Black mums.


Our Diversity Matters wellbeing groups for Black, Asian and minority ethnic new mums already provide a safe and inclusive environment where Black mums can find support and connect with other culturally diverse parents. However, by recognising the importance of black maternal mental health and further collaboration with others we can do even more to break cultural barriers and ensure healthy outcomes for black mothers and their children”.



Mindful Mums have more information about this topic here.

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