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Professionals Winter Tool Kit from The Alliance

The Early Years Alliance has launched a free Winter Toolkit for early years providers containing a series of useful resources to help them — and their families — to navigate the unique difficulties they  may face in the winter months.

We know that cold weather presents challenges for keeping children and staff safe and healthy, and this year, with the addition of the financial pressures caused by the cost-of-living crisis, it is likely that the winter season will be particularly challenging for both early years providers and parents.

That’s why this year’s Alliance Winter Toolkit includes a series of guides, posters and other resources not only providing information on topics such as infection control and prevention and winter safety guidance, but also advice on how to support families in poverty this winter.

As many parents are also likely to need clear advice and guidance this winter, not only on issues like managing illnesses but also on dealing with rising financial pressures, the Toolkit also includes handy posters and guidance for settings and services to share with parents including information on childhood immunisations, free and low-cost winter activity ideas and guidance on how to reduce food costs over the winter months.

Information for Families

Information for Professionals
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