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Quit smoking in 2023

New Year can be a great time to start a new healthier lifestyle and the FREE NHS Quit Smoking App can help. Created for those who want to stop smoking for good, the NHS Quit Smoking app is a 28 day programme that puts practical support, encouragement, and tailored clinical advice in the palm of your hand.

Download for Apple devices here

Download for Android device here


Save Money

Quitting smoking can also save huge amounts of money the NHS Scotland calculator can help you work out just how much you could save. For example:

If you spend £12 per packet and smoke 10 cigarettes per day this costs:

  • £42 per week
  • £180 per month
  • £2190 per year

It also puts 70grams of tar into your lungs per year!


Health Benefits

Quitting smoking can have immediate effects on your health.


Planning and Support 

Planning when you are going to quit and getting support can make a huge difference to your success. With support you are up to three times more likely to quit for good. Smokefree Lewisham can also help you quit smoking and has lots of advice on:


To get help and support with your quitting journey visit: 



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