Lewisham Children & Family Centre

financial support

Healthy Start vouchers go digital!

Healthy Start are moving from paper vouchers to the Healthy Start card. The last paper vouchers will be sent out on the week starting the 7th March. You can still use any valid vouchers to get free vitamins. There are still over 1600 Lewisham families missing out on these payments for vegetables, fruits, beans/lentils and…

Help with the cost of living crisis

Millions of people across the UK have have noticed our food, energy and petrol costs rising and talk of further rises can be really worrying.  Step Change have some great advice on how to help you now and how to be prepared for any further changes.   How can I reduce the impact of this…

Healthy Start Vouchers – Free food vouchers for your family

Healthy Start Food Vouchers are vouchers that can be used to buy healthy foods. They are for pregnant people and people who are responsible for children under 4. Healthy Start Food Vouchers can be exchanged for plain cows’ milk, plain, fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables, any type of fresh, dried and tinned pulses…

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