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Talking to your baby or child when out and about – The Walk & Talk Trail

Make the most of everyday opportunities to chat with your baby or toddler while you are out and about. It will help them to develop their speech and communication skills. The new Walking Trail from the Literacy Trust is a great resource to get you started on making everyday trips a learning experience for your child.

How will the trail help my baby or toddler to start talking and communicating?

The walk and talk trail and additional activities on this page will support you to introduce language to your baby or child. This will help them begin talking, or help them develop language and build vocabulary even if your child is already very chatty.

90% of your child’s brain has developed by the time they are five years old. You can help this development by using as many opportunities as you can to talk to them, listen to them and introduce them to new things.

The walk and talk trail will help you get started. The tips, advice and activity ideas will also support their communication skills.


Use the National Literacy Trust  walk and talk trail to discover tips and activities to help you chat to your baby or child more.

Download the trail here.

Click on the links below for translated versions of the trail.

Albanian          Arabic             Bengali               Chinese           Czech

Polish             Portugese       Romanian           Slovak             Spanish

Ukrainian      Urdu



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