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Toilet Training – When should I start?

Toilet Training – When should I start?

The thought of staying home to start potty/toilet training can be nerve wracking, but it’s so much easier to just go for it as part-time potty/toilet training isn’t as effective.

How old should my child be?

Every child is different but most are ready between about 18 months and 3 years.

How do I know my child is ready?

Can they sit unaided on a potty or toilet? Can they follow instruction and let you know what they want? Do they stay dry for an hour or two? Do they do a poo about the same time every day? If they can do all these things you are ready to get started.

We have put together the following document with lots of information about toilet training your child, and if you would like to talk to someone why not book on our next Tips on Toileting Workshop?

We run regular workshops to support you with tips and techniques for successful toilet training. Have a look at our Timetable for details of the next workshops.

Our friends Tea Dance for Little People have produced a song called “Wiggle Wo” to sing while sitting on the toilet which might help if your child is impatient and wants to get off the toilet or potty.



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