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Universal Credit’s maximum childcare payments will rise nearly 50% – up to £1,630 per month – from 28 June.

Childcare costs have soared over the last few years leaving it unaffordable for many families, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As part of the Government’s biggest ever expansion to childcare provision, low-income families will be able to access increased childcare support from 28 June.


  • Additional support worth up to £522 a month for families
  • Many parents will get help from DWP immediately with their first bill – instead of in arrears – to help them manage their budgets
  • Comes alongside plans to boost childcare workforce to deliver historic expansion of free childcare from nine months to the start of school

Later this month, the Department for Work and Pensions will raise the amount that parents in Great Britain can claim back monthly for their childcare costs on Universal Credit up to £951 for one child and £1,630 for two or more children. This is a rise of 47% from the previous limits of £646 for one child or £1,108 for two or more children.

At the same time, the Government will help eligible parents cover the costs for the first month’s childcare when they enter work or significantly increase their hours, removing one of the most significant barriers to parents working and helping to grow the economy.

Those parents will also receive up to 85% of their childcare costs back before their next month’s bills are due – meaning they should have money to pay one month in advance going forward.


Find out more about Universal Credit and see if you are entitled to help here


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