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Activity Ideas for Babies

We use ‘Five to Thrive when we plan sessions and activities for you and your baby. Based on the principle that your baby’s body grows better when you give your baby good food we believe that baby’s brain grows better when you do five simple things that feed the brain:


These are your child’s daily ‘Five to Thrive’, the building blocks for a healthy brain. A healthy brain will help your baby be happy in themselves, make friends and enjoy their family as well as being the best start for learning for starting school. And every day will bring many opportunities to give your baby’s brain what it needs to grow well.

We have produced the following documents, one for each of the ‘Five to Thrive’ principles, which include activity ideas:

Here are information sheets on Weaning and Teething and a blog post on Toilet Training based on the information we give out during our sessions and workshops:

If you need any more support with Weaning, Teething or Toilet Training please contact us via our enquiry form and someone will get in touch.

We also run face to face sessions in our centres, see our timetable for details of the sessions and how to book your space.

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