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FUTURE KIDS PROJECT - Protecting the place we love

During Summer 2022 Lewisham Children and Family Centres and Tea Dance for Little People (TDLP) celebrated Lewisham Borough of Culture 2022 by opening up the doors of Evelyn Children and Family Centre for a FREE playful family adventure to save the last plant on Earth for families with children under 8.

Read our report here.

Imagine a world 300 years in the future with no trees!

With trees gone and the environment damaged, water levels have risen and everyone is now living on boats and YOU ARE EARTH PROTECTORS!

Families took part in number puzzles, code breaking and physical challenges to find the last plant on Earth and save it.

The sessions opened up children’s awareness of climate change in our interactive escape-room style adventure set in the future.

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Visit the pages below for activities to do at home and in local parks and green spaces, as well as information on climate change, recycling, cooking and eating well as part of a healthy lifestyle and ways to get outside in nature, having fun and experiencing its benefits.

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