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Hello everybody, I’m Donna, an Early Years Practitioner and trained Henry Facilitator.

Coronavirus has changed our daily lives in many ways. The last few months have been challenging for us, our children and our families. Children are not seeing many of their family or friends in the same way or at all. Even returning to school has meant lots of  new rules and procedures for them to follow to help keep them and others safe.

Let’s look at new and fun ways children can say hello to their friends and teachers, without touching or hugging them.

‘Hello’ from Cordelle


If we explain to children that they can still say hello and greet their friends, but in different ways, and continue to cover our nose and mouth when we sneeze and cough, and wash our hands regularly, we are all helping to keep each other safe.

Expanding our personal space bubble doesn’t just protect us, it also helps keep others safe. Fortunately, there are many unique ways to greet someone that don’t require physical contact. Many cultures already greet without touching, such as a bow or nod of the head, and due to our current situation it’s now a good time for us  to adopt new ways of saying hello and greeting others.

‘Greetings’ from Kathleen


Below are some fun ways you can encourage children to say hello and greet friends.

  • Wave to each other
  • Bow to each other
  • Curtsey to each other
  • Salute to each other
  • Turn on their 1,000-watt biggest, smiley smile
  • Blow a kiss (without the spittle)
  • Give air high fives
  • An air hug
  • Give a wink
  • Nod or flick their head
  • Do spirit fingers to each other
  • Make up a secret greeting dance with their friends
  • Use sign language to say hello (or create their own hand language)
  • Embrace Spock’s “live long and prosper” salute
  • Flash a peace sign
  • Thumbs up to each other

Anne & Laura try out bowing




‘Hello’ from Celia in Russian




Children’s writer Eion McLaughlin, who wrote “The Hug”, has produced a new book Called “While We Can’t Hug.”

The book illustrate to children different ways we can say hello and show love without hugging.

Check at your local library to borrow a copy.




Have you and your families found new ways of saying Hello? Please show us via our Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #hellolcfc


‘Hello’ from Sophie


Tea Dance For Little People have also written a great ‘Hello’ song for us all the join in with 🙂

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