Lewisham Children & Family Centre

It’s Springtime!

Spring is here and after the last two years of restrictions it feels like Spring is full of possibilities to get out there and enjoy the natural world.

  • Why not go on a spring walk and download this free nature treasure hunt checklist from Little Owls Resources. Focus on the smells, sounds and nature around you.


  • Plant some seeds for Summer flowers – this is a great way for children to learn about plants and their lifecycles.



  • Make a Spring nature display, tray or box. On your next trip to the park let your little one collect some of the things they see and bring them home to examine. Look for: different types of leaves, sticks, stones, flowers and if you have a magnifying glass they can explore the natural world in a whole new way. Add any toys that might represent spring such as bees, butterflies and bugs. This one from the Imagination Tree is a great example. If you don’t have a table you can make a nature box.


However you are exploring spring have a great time!

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