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TOP TIPS – Packed Lunch Boxes

Hello Parents & Carers

So, how’s it been with your little ones now back at school or childcare after so many months of being at home with you

Some parents are feeling happy, and if honest a little elated to have their child back at school and now have some ‘me time’, while others may be feeling a little unsure about how their child is doing, especially if they have just started a new school or childcare setting. As a parent I know that I have felt both when my child started school or returned after the holidays.

We all want and hope that our children will look back at their school days with a view that they were amongst the happiest times of their lives, full of fond memories of friends, fun times, memorable teachers and happy times. That is why as our child’s first educators we want to do all we can to help them do this.

There are simple things that we can do as parents and carers that will help our children’s school journey be a positive, calm and happy experience. Each week we will be posting positive simple and practical tips that can help.

On that note – Let’s look at lunch boxes!

Children love to choose their own lunch box, especially if it has their favourite superhero, animal or TV character on.  There are many types available in stores and online but what should we keep in mind when choosing one?

  • Choose one that is easy for your child to open and close, if you as an adult have to grapple or find it fiddly to open then so will your child. Then make sure your little one can open the lunch box problem-free.

Watch this Top Tips video on choosing a lunch box

  • Is the Lunchbox: BPA-Free – this is a big one, the lunchbox needs to be safe to store food inside.
  • Seals Fresh – Choose a lunch box that has a tight seal to keep unwrapped food inside fresh.
  • Ease of cleaning – Is there separate parts to wash, how easy are they to clean etc.
  • Even the most loved lunchboxes take a beating. Try and invest in a good quality one that will last the year.
  • Choose a box that’s recyclable to help save the environment.
  • Safety We want to make sure little fingers don’t get pinched, stuck, or cut. It’s important that hinges are set properly.
  • Dishwasher safe is another useful thing to look out for if you have one.
  • We need to think about what our child likes to eat. Pick a lunch box based on what you will be putting in it. (sandwiches, finger foods, soup) etc. Check the number of compartments and ensure it has enough to suit your needs.
  • Ensure your lunch box will fit into your child’s backpack (and not take up ALL the room)

Here are some Healthy Lunchbox ideas from Change 4 life – enjoy:


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