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Back to School 2020

Preparing to go back to school is a stressful time for everyone, even without having to navigate the ‘New Normal’ of Covid 19 and coming out of lockdown.

We have put together some links, articles and songs that we hope will help support you and your family at this time.

Preparing to go back to school

  • Here are some tips from the Young Minds Parents Helpline team on how you can support your child to transition back to school life after lockdown: youngminds.org.uk/blog/supporting-a-child-returning-to-school-after-lockdown
  • Natalie for the Early Years Alliance talks about supporting young children through the transition of returning to nursery or school after possibly being at home for quite and extended period in this Youtube Video
  • Getting everyone back into a routine is important, even after the usual 6 weeks holiday it can be a challenge! Here is a link to our previous ‘Routines Week’ page for info on sleep, getting dresses, the Tidy Up song, routines and play.
  • Different Schools and Nurseries will have different arrangements for lunchtimes. Here are some ideas for healthy and interesting packed lunch ideas.
  • Preparing younger children to be independent and start on the toilet training journey can cause anxiety for families. Anne talks us through how to get ready to start toilet training in this blog post, with info on when to start, a song and details of how to get in touch with us if you would like 1:1 support with toilet training.

Staying Healthy

It’s even more important to stay fit and healthy to help our immune systems fight what ever comes our way.

Reminding children of the importance of hand washing and keeping our distance from our friends and how this will be part of their routine while at school, will help them feel more confident when they return.

The Play Inspector decided to make up some songs and stories all about it.




Mental Health

  • Yet there is a very strong link between children’s wellbeing and that of their parents, so it’s important to take some time to put yourself first occasionally, safe in the knowledge that by looking after yourself you are improving the wellbeing of your children. This article from Family Corner explains that doing small things have been shown to have a positive effect on mood and wellbeing when the going gets tough.
  • Here is a link back to our Infant Mental Health Week page with lots of information on why it’s important to look after yourself, activities to manage our feelings and ideas of some calming breathing techniques you can do as a family.


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