Lewisham Children & Family Centre

special needs

Drumbeat Outreach Parent Workshops

The Drumbeat Outreach schools team offers a termly calendar of workshops on a range of topics, strategies and interventions to support the needs of parents and carers. All free sessions are aimed at parents, family members and carers living with and supporting individuals with social communication difficulties, including children and young people with a diagnosis…

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

If your child has a special educational need and or disability it can be difficult to know where to turn to for support. At times you can feel isolated and advice can be confusing or difficult to understand. Talking to friends and family may not help as they may not understand the difficulties that you…

Changes to SEN provision by the Coronavirus Act 2020.

The new Coronavirus act 2020 has huge implications for SEND provision now and into the future as it temporarily relaxes or removes duties on boroughs to provide support for those with SEND. This is an obvious worry as many parents who wonder how long these changes will last, it effects children’s ability not only to…

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